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The website is under sole ownership of b3Intelligence, which also exercises copyright over it. The main purpose behind developing the website is to make it a dynamic resource and business tool assisting you in building a productive future. End users are aimed toward feeling secure while visiting and navigating through it, their privacy rights being guarded with intense vigilance.

We protect your rights in many ways. Given below is the information we assimilate.

1. Indirectly (through the technology available at our disposal).
2. Directly (when users leave information on landing pages of our website).

We follow a defined modus operandi to collect information from you in numerous ways, ones we have elaborated upon in this Privacy Statement. One of them is through Cookies. These are small files meant to save and retrieve information regarding your visit to our website. This includes your way of entering our site, navigation and the data you searched for. The cookies we deploy identify you as a number. (You can disable cookies on your computer by changing settings in preferences or options menu in your browser).

The other method we use for collecting information is through voluntary submissions made by you. We give you the opportunity to register for an even or conference, place a request for white paper or take active participation in online surveys. We will duly notify you about the information we seek and the way it will be consumed. The final authority vests in your hands regarding information sharing.

What we do with this Information?

We do an analysis to determine what benefits our site most. We use it to discover ways for improvement and to alter our site for making it more user-friendly. We may also use the data for something else, which we will duly describe at the time of collecting information

Do we share it with somebody else?

Whatever we collect stays within our facility. As a global organization, the data may get transferred internationally but if so, happens through modes maintaining the highest order of discreetness. We only share such delicate data with our official advisors. We give you reasons for placing a request for data, with the final call being in your hands regarding compliance with our request.

What do we do with Sensitive Personal Data?

We seldom seek sensitive or personal data. When the need arises, we ask for consent. We may end up collecting sensitive data purely by incidence. We comply with European laws and others as well regarding sensitive data. This includes the need to obtain explicit content. Details would envelope and compromise personal identity numbers, personal data regarding personality and private life, race, ethnic origin, nationality, political affiliation, membership, religion, philosophical beliefs, association with trade unions, physical and mental health, genetic code, addictions, sexual life, property matters, or criminal record.

Do we allow you access to your information?

Of course we do. You can always approach us regarding this, and see whether the data we possess about you is accurate or inaccurate. Any inaccuracy can be corrected by simply writing a mail.

Data Security: how do we assure it?

We take appropriate measures for that as well. Given the open nature of the internet, elements with ulterior motives and malicious intentions try to access sensitive data. We do not entertain anything of this sort and take precautionary measures to save your data and put in a mechanism which ensures you data stays within the confines of our facility.

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