We are a leading edge advanced data analytics, integrated research and intelligence company fulfilling an integral role in our client’s growth by maximizing investment with innovative products and services.

Our Vision

We aspire to be known as the globes premier resource for providing a prosperous path through knowledge
wisdom and actionable insights for our clients, partners and stakeholders.

Our Mission

Founded on a principle of constant innovation, we will strive to push beyond the standard analytic and research methods and play an integral role in our client’s growth by offering services that are intuitive, innovative, and results-oriented, and deliver comprehensive analytic and research techniques that provide our clients a crystal clear view of their current business, and a support process for the future vision and change implementation.

Our Values

We live and breathe our company vision and mission through a trusting, cooperative and mutually respectful work environment. Our company culture is driven by our team, and is carried forward into our client relationships to deliver a service that is reliable, flexible, innovative and customizable.

Our Advantage

  • Industry leading edge, innovative and revolutionary proprietary products and services
  • Unparalleled best-in-class research experience and expertise across all key industries
  • Deliver best-value and return to a breadth of clients including Fortune 500, SMB and startups
  • Execute over 250 projects per month
  • 24/7 operations reliability
  • Operational and process expertise using Six Sigma and ISO Standards

Products & Services


Toronto – Corporate Headquarters
100 Sheppard Ave East. Suite 503
Toronto, Ontario M2N 6N5
+1 (416) 549-8000
+1 (888) 224-6198

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