The telecommunications industry has gone through major transformation shifts since the end of the long-distance monopolies, to today’s more interconnected and competitive landscape.

The industry is trying to find ways to reduce churn and increase customer loyalty while facing key challenges such as intermodal (cable, wireline, cellular) competition from other vertical businesses that drive over-the-top (OTT)-based services (Google, Amazon), spectrum bandwidth, cyber security, and legacy regulations.

On the positive, there is tremendous upside for growth opportunities in many areas, with Internet of Things (IoT) in the forefront; audio/video, TV/film, music and other content streaming (up 19% YOY); wearable devices; and vertical markets, such as the auto industry.

Key questions you may be seeking answers to…

What financial and operational metrics do I need to help with innovation initiatives, performance improvement, and new customer and product development?

How can I manage intermodal competition between cellular, traditional landline, and cable TV services?

How can incumbent telecommunications companies adapt their strategy to the new reality of competing in a global market with new vertical competitors such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook?

What is the best way to manage within a legacy regulatory environment, increase customer loyalty and reduce churn?

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