We are a leading provider of market research outsourcing services and leverage our extensive experience in market research data processing, and data analysis routinely executing complex data tabulation projects required in all forms of research.

We range from executing against ad–hoc studies all the way to large tracking studies, with coverage spanning a single country to multiple nations. We are capable of executing against projects that range in different complexities utilizing data and provide the output desired by our global clients.

Our experience includes but are not limited to multi–country tracking studies, concept tests, product usage tests, attitude and usage studies, price sensitivity tests, brand tracks, and fast–turnaround omnibus studies.

Additional tools:

  • Trending
  • Data conversion to SPSS, SAS, Quanvert
  • SPSS family of products, SAS, and other statistical packages

In tandem with the data tabulations work, we couple that with quality assurance for all tables. Our QA procedures ensure that you base your business decisions and client reports using qualified results, guarantying the highest level in accuracy.