Empath is a Revolutionary Medical Intelligence Product

Our proprietary algorithms and technology provides an easy and instant system for clinical data tracking, indexing, analysis and dissemination for the pharmaceutical industry.

Companies and sales reps face multiple challenges in today’s competitive and dynamic environment. Moreover, specialty sales representative’s time constraints is an obstacle for staying up to date on the latest market, clinical trial and new product information.

Our solution is focused on bringing value to pharmaceutical sales representatives in highly specialized therapeutics areas, by providing market landscape sales support, key product positioning and effective messaging. The implementation can be adapted to areas including, but not limited to cardiology, oncology, anti-infective diseases, virology, transplantation, HIV, and rheumatology.

EMPATH Overview

Easy and instant positioning and messaging system


Tracks and garners, clinical trial data, product details and relevant information


Indexes, analyzes, disseminates the information


Provides effective messaging for representatives and management through our proprietary interface

EMPATH Benefits

  • Connector.

    Gives focused understanding of the specific drug, therapeutic area and the data source to instantly grasp the strengths, weaknesses and overall value proposition

  • Connector.

    Reps can speak to the market landscape

  • Connector.

    Instant access to cross comparisons of their products to competitive brands

  • Connector.

    Communicate with expertise, confidence, and the terms that medical professionals understand

  • Connector.

    Close and increase sales