Data QA & Management

Quality Control Management is executed at the highest echelons at b3Intelligence. The data processed, analyzed, reports prepared, statistics included and numbers incorporated are all verified by the in-house quality check team before being deployed to the client. The quality check includes work done on tools such as SAS, SPSS, SQL, and where reports are tested by engineers.

b3Intelligence has significant experience in quality checking of market research data. Our expertise extends from survey to syndicated data. Our teams follow a thorough QA process using the most advanced methods, and are scalable. Currently, our team manages survey QA work of over 200 surveys in a month.

We provide data quality assurance services of all levels ranging from using simple basic techniques to highly advanced techniques like “quick-survey takers”.

Our ongoing quality control offers regular QA services for market research surveys. The surveys completed, reports prepared, facts incorporated and figures inserted are all scrutinized within the system by vertical experts before the final draft is filed and delivered to the client. During the live project stage, b3Intelligence ensures that on an ongoing basis we examine and authenticate the data being collected.

Our quality control offers numerous advantages:

- Eliminates professional responders
- Cleanses the data set of click-thru responses
- Ensures data set is reliable and research findings are not biased due to bad data
- Screens responses based on verbatim questions thereby removing illogical responses

  • I. Logic Checking
    The logic incorporated in reports is verified at its core. b3Intelligence categorically runs the reports through multiple logic confirmation teams before a final rigorous check. Any response analyst to show uncertainty is not removed but flagged to ensure recoverability if needed. Whether you are dealing with reports meant to analyze employee efficiency, events, concepts and attitude or work done on tools such as CISCO IP Phones and VOXCO, the logic is examined and tested rigorously until it passes.
  • II. Quick Survey Takers
    Quick survey taking involves time based cleaning, where respondents filling up the survey quickly and consuming less time than the average mentioned are cleaned up first. Those visiting the site and filling in all details speedily are tended to before anybody else. This is done to ensure that work goes ahead at a rapid rate and progresses smoothly.
  • III. Flat Liners
     Flat liners are decisions taken by us on visitors filling up the survey with identical answers. These decisions pertain to cleaning up respondents replicating attributes in rating questions, as the organization presumes the respondents neither navigated through all responses nor read them before filing the survey up.
  • IV. Illogical Responses
     Illogical Responses are the ones completely out of sync and deviating with regards to the questionnaire. Certain questions meant for the female folk ought to be answered by only them and in case they get answered by men, they invariably get discredited and taken out. Such responses are not entertained by b3Intelligence, as it believes in fair play and practices ethics in the highest regard.

V. Verbatim Cleaning
Verbatim Cleaning incorporates eliminating verbatim uncalled for from the open end data not in accordance with the questions put up. This is done to ensure whatever data is published on the site is bona fide, ethical and completely in compliance with the guidelines laid down by the web. Improper and earthy verbatim, words quoted out of context or messages not parliamentary in nature are jettisoned from the body at once, with any prolonging.