Consumer products companies are striving to maximize profits and market share in an interconnected, and competitive environment.

The path to growth for CPG is now in play – increasing with online ecommerce retailers from brick and mortar retailers.

Currently e-commerce is a small proportion of US retail sales, however online growth is outpacing overall growth. Ecommerce sales grew by 19.1 percent annually, while overall sales only grew 3.2 percent annually.

Key questions you may be seeking answers to…

How can I develop and retain digital-savvy talent across the organization?

How can I define and execute a common value proposition for e-commerce and retailers?

What research is needed to understand consumer attitudes and behaviors to enhance the consumer experience across channels?

How can I integrate a product and pricing strategy across e-commerce and brick-and-mortar channels?

We can help you develop the insights you need for developing a unified ecommerce strategy to maximize over all profitably.