We have experts ranging in different verticals across the industry. Whether it is within the financial, technology, retail or automotive we understand and code open–ended responses (verbatim) with ease and accuracy, exceeding most client standards. We process thousands of verbatim responses a month and ensure that we have the right people on the right project.

We recognize that coding such verbatim responses is often subjective and contextual and so we ensure that our coders have excellent comprehension skills along with their ability to understand the socio–economic, political, and geographical backgrounds of the respondents.

Our coding services include:

  • First Mention
  • Multiple Mentions
  • Verbatim Aggregations
  • List Coding
  • Data Recoding /Reclassification

b3Intelligence offers a quick and accurate data recoding / reclassification services to various clients.

Some of our most popular services include:

  • URL classification into various levels / dictionary format
  • Extraction and Coding of Query Strings
  • Recoding services are highly flexible and can be used across industries / products using any type of data
  • The data supplied will allows our clients staff to focus on what’s important and leaves the commodity work in capable hands