Coding Delivers Deeper and Specific Topic Sentiment Insights

Standard verbatim coding services provide only the topics present in textual reviews. The challenge is how to get a deeper understanding and classification of textual data provided by a company according to information and sentiment, and the estimation of the levels of satisfaction of the customers.

Coding provides more than the standard coding. Our proprietary algorithm can automatically generate numeric scores for each review and total the results according to their sentiments, and extract the topics that are of greater concern.

Coding Overview

Identifies specific themes in verbatim data revealing nuances that correlate with survey results

Coding Benefits

  • Connector.

    Identifies specific product related themes in verbatim data that lead to positive vs. neutral vs. negative sentiments

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    Delivers value in determining the different nuances that correlate with the survey results

  • Connector.

    Provides actionable insights for improving the offering, positioning and messaging; delivered in online portal