Increase Campaign Effectiveness

Companies are fiercely competing to raise brand awareness and increase sales by designing targeted ads and messaging that aim to cut through the clutter of over 5,000 ad and brand exposures a person can encounter on average each day.

What if your brand rates high in awareness and ad likability, but the campaign did not move the needles for intent to buy and brand advocacy? How do you gauge total ad effectiveness and details of the campaign to determine real success or failure?

ADS is the only tool in the market today that can ensure your brand is going to market with every detail of your advertising campaign in alignment. ADS offers a powerful proprietary algorithm that quantifies brand ad impact – online and offline – and it can reveal the true story behind the advertisement.

ADS Overview

ADS can help understand, align, and evaluate the needle movements of the intent to buy, brand advocacy, awareness, and likability


Identifies and measures the independent variables of attractors, detractors and stabilizers


Augments with existing measures, influencers and drivers of change


Estimates intent and advocacy outcomes

ADS Benefits

  • Connector.

    Yields the complete story by revealing the why's of the ad's effectiveness, and not just the what’s garnered from standard statistics tracking

  • Connector.

    Provides guidance for refining ad messaging, target audience or other adjustments to help increase effective engagement and sales conversions

  • Connector.

    Shows how likely the audience will buy and recommend