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Our Work

Companies across industries are challenged to make time sensitive and critical decisions on a daily basis and they need reliable, on-time, and accurate answers for a range of complicated questions and problems to meet objectives.

b3 is a proven resource and partner for clients across major industries. We leverage our broad industry knowledge and decades of experience and expertise in analytics, research, and processing services to help clients obtain solutions to meet their critical business and market needs.

Our Featured Products & Services

Long Survey Insights with Shorter Questionnaires

Our revolutionary application is designed to take a long surveys and impute the missing data through predictive modeling.
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Capture Customer Loyalty Influences

PPM is a proprietary tool that captures customer loyalty influences and delivers actionable insights through a comprehensive analytical framework.
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Delivers Specific Topic Insights

Proprietary algorithm automatically generates scores for each review and totals results according to sentiments.
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Best Value Option for Conjoint Studies

JIGSAW is a cutting edge proprietary conjoint analytical design providing insights at less cost than legacy products.
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Increase Campaign Effectiveness

ADS is the only tool in the market today that can ensure your brand is going to market with every detail of your advertising
campaign in alignment.
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Revolutionary Medical Intelligence Product

Delivers value to pharmaceutical sales representatives by providing market landscape sales support, key product
positioning and messaging.
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Market Research

International Research for Existing and Emerging Markets
Our work has helped clients save costs, decrease turnaround time, and implement standardized processes across organizations. more »

b3 Advantage

b3 was founded on a principle of constant innovation, and to push beyond the standard analytic and research methods. Our talented and passionate analytics and research team infuse this mission to deliver results beyond expectations, while guiding our clients through a process that is collaborative, transparent, and easy to understand.